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You Can Now Request the Wienermobile to Propose to Your Significant Other

Jake Rossen
The Wienermobile is here for all of your nuptial needs.
The Wienermobile is here for all of your nuptial needs. / Rob Kim, Getty Images

One of the great marketing ideas of all time, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has been delighting people for decades. Rolling into towns across the country, the mobile hot dog spreads its processed-meat propaganda with flair. Occasionally, bystanders are invited to hop on and ride “shotbun.”

Now Oscar Mayer has announced that people can summon the Wienermobile for a monumental life event—a marriage proposal. Before popping the question, Wienermobile enthusiasts can head to the company’s website and request that the vehicle make a stop to commemorate the moment. If a Wienermobile is in the area, Oscar Mayer will give the person a week’s notice to gather their courage and make the appropriate arrangements. The Wienermobile is provided at no cost.

Oscar Mayer got the idea for the offer when one of their drivers proposed to his girlfriend in front of the vehicle.

[h/t Nerdist]