Some people are just comfortable in front of a crowd; they carry themselves with confidence, poise, and calm. It's an invaluable trait both in the work place and in your personal life, and if you want to get better at it, you can learn a lot from this six-course Mastering Presentation and Public Speaking Certification Bundle.

One of the most common forms of public speaking is storytelling. You could be speaking to a large family around the Thanksgiving dinner table or in front of a packed auditorium (or Zoom call), but the skills needed are the same. This bundle includes the Complete Storytelling Course for Speaking and Presenting to train you to captivate any audience with confidence. Those skills will transition well when you’re in a more formal setting, like giving a toast at a wedding, which you'll cover in the Complete Presentation and Public Speaking/Speech course.

In a professional environment, the intimidation factor of public speaking can be high, even if you're just presenting a project briefing to your boss. You want to command respect while also coming across knowledgeable and likable. Master your nerves with a course focused on Public Speaking and Presenting at Work. It will teach you how to deliver effective sales pitches, exude confidence, and field audience questions. There’s even a class in mentoring and life coaching, so you can understand how to effectively guide others if you’re in a unique position of influence.

You’ll never have to weirdly imagine the audience in their underpants again when you complete the Mastering Presentation and Public Speaking Certification Bundle. This six-course bundle is usually available for $594, but right now it's on sale for just $40.

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