Anyone on a regular exercise routine will agree on the need for quality massage therapy and recovery for peak performance, but regular visits to a masseuse can be costly, time-intensive, and difficult with recent COVID-19-related closures. To begin your recovery at home, there's the JAWKU Muscle Blaster Chrome, which is currently 25 percent off.

The new JAWKU Muscle Blaster Chrome massage gun comes with three intensity levels so you can customize your experience based on your daily needs. You can adjust between the frequency, amplitude, and torque of the rhythmic vibration massage for the most satisfying and rejuvenating experience. It also comes with four massage head attachments that target specific body parts for further customization.

The cordless device holds a charge for up to six hours of massage time and, as a result, can be used for multiple sessions without needing a recharge. The ultra-quiet motor has a powerful effect without the powerful noise to accompany it. And since it weighs just under two pounds, it's easy to tote around in a gym bag or backpack.

The JAWKU Muscle Blaster Chrome and all the attachments are on sale for $149.99 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

JAWKU Muscle Blaster Chrome - $149.99

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