If you’ve got a passion for robotics and engineering, an entire community of like-minded folks called Geeek Club is here to help you hone your skills with their DIY robot sets.

The Kickstarter and Indiegogo favorite will teach you hardware and electrical engineering without you needing to crack open a single stale textbook. These are for the hands-on learner looking to put their passions to good use. The kits will walk you through an easy-to-build robot project that’s one-third puzzle, one-third science, and one-third creativity.

The Magic VooDoo Bots PCB Construction Set allows you to build seven robots, complete with lights and moving parts. There are over 180 electronic components to tinker with while you develop a crew of smart, roving bots that will explore surfaces and make for unique display pieces on a shelf.

If you’re serious about learning this stuff, you can snag a few more elaborate kits at a great price, too. The Voodoo Bots can be purchased with the toolkit in one $129 bundle, and a separate Smart Nano Bots build can be purchased on its own or in a bundle with the toolkit as well. You’ll get hours of inspired fun that beats a lesson in a textbook any day.

Since debuting on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the Geeek Club kits have raised over $250,000 in support, and you can get your hands on one while they’re on sale.

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Magic Voodoo Bots PCB Construction Set (Toolkit Not Included) - $59

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