This Octopus Was Trained to Take Your Photo

Hannah Keyser

You don't have to tell flossers how awesome octopuses are. We are well versed in just how smart, agile, and even adorable these cephalopods can be. But one particular octopus named Rambo at Auckland's SEA LIFE Aquarium now has an arm—or two—up on all the others.

The aquarium partnered with Sony to promote one of their waterproof cameras by teaching Rambo to press the shutter and take portraits of visitors. The "world's first octographer" was a quick learner.

"When we first tried to get her to take a photo, it only took three attempts for her to understand the process," trainer Mark Vette tells Cult of Mac. "That’s faster than a dog. Actually it’s faster than a human in some instances."

Just last month, an octopus at a Middlebury College lab took ahold of the GoPro in his cage and turned it on the researchers who were attempting to capture pictures and video of the animal. He ended up with some incredibly popular shots, but he doesn't seem to have had the same skill with the shutter as Rambo.

[h/t PetaPixel]