11 Beautiful Bookmarks Bibliophiles Will Love


Save your place in style with these fun, untraditional bookmarks.

1. Corner Bookmark, $2.50

Don’t fold down page corners! These bookmarks, which are made of cotton fabric and a stablizer, slip right over the corner to save your place.

2. “I Like Big Books” Bookmark, $4

Appropriate for fans of books, puns, and Sir Mix-a-Lot.

3. Your Cat in the Book Bookmark, $36

Your cat probably spends a lot of time sitting on your books, and now, you can put him in it. Etsy artisan WhiteHouseBlackCat uses a photo of your cat to create a clay sculpture of his back end, which she attaches onto a paperboard to make an awesome custom bookmark.

4. Handcut City Skyline Bookmark, $8

These intricate skylines—which include London, Paris, New York, Rome, Dubai, and more—are handcut and laminated for durability.

5. Macaron Magnetic Bookmarks, $5 and up

These delicious looking placeholders are handmade using plasticized cardstock and magnets.

6. Custom Wire Bookmark, $8

You pick what it says, what color wire it comes in, and which page hook (among your choices: heart, clover, swirl, cat, apple, crown, bird) you want, and bam! One-of-a-kind bookmark sure to delight any bibliophile.

7. Stay Put Bookmark, $5

It would take a lot of effort to lose your place if you’re using this bookmark, which has a cloth portion that marks where you’ve left off and then an elastic portion that wraps around the book. (You can see how it works here.)

8. Crochet Character Bookmark, $23

It’s hard to get cuter than these crochet character bookmarks, whose heads protrude from the top of the book to mark where you left off. The attention to detail is amazing: The Cowardly Lion has a silver badge of courage, the Mad Hatter is holding a teapot, and the wolf that ate Little Red Riding Hood’s granny has glasses on his nose.

9. Scrabble Bookmark, $15

These 6-inch curved metal bookmarks incorporate an actual Scrabble tile and crystal beads. (Want a J? It’ll cost you $2 extra because those tiles are especially rare.)

10. Fabric Key Bookmark, $8

These key-inspired bookmarks are made of faux suede and come in sets of two.

11. Vintage Tea Spoon Bookmark, $7

This bookmark is made of an actual vintage teaspoon. Each one is made to order, so the style of spoon varies, and the hand-stamped messages can be customized.