Appropriate Jobs for Women in 1920

Sonia Weiser

According to an ad for "a complete and authoritative guide" titled Careers for Women, there were at least 160 jobs suitable for the fairer sex in 1920. The options included "The Opera Singer," "The Beekeeper," "Woman Surgeon," "Woman Dentist," "The Garden Photographer," "The Private Nurse," "The Tea-Room Manager," "The Pageant Director," and of course, "The Detective."

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Not all the careers listed on the ad fall into the category of "sexist jobs of the Jazz Age." There's "The Public Accountant," "The Private Practitioner," "The Pharmacist," "The Probation Officer," "The Prosecuting Attorney," "The Architect," and "The Motion-Picture Director."

In a more recent iteration, Cosmopolitan published a slideshow with "The 14 Best Jobs for Women." These include "Reputation Manager," "Digital Strategist," "Landscape Architect," "Physicians Assistant," "Group Personal Trainer," "Interior Designer," and "Physician."

We've come a long way, ladies.