Protect Your Fingers From Cheeto Dust With These Finger Covers

Michele Debczak
ChipFingers/Amazon / ChipFingers/Amazon
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Cheetos and fingers covered in orange cheese dust (officially known as Cheetle) are kind of a package deal—at least they are if you binge a bag of Cheetos without protection. For a more sanitary snacking experience, there's Chip Fingers.

According to Delish, Chip Fingers are finger guards that block the crumbs, powders, and seasonings coating the chip of your choice. Just slip them onto your thumb, index finger, and middle finger before opening a new bag and proceed with your snack attack.


The finger covers are made from BPA-free silicon and are designed to fit most finger sizes. After using them, just run them through the dishwasher to ensure they're clean for your next Cheetos craving.

You can order Chip Fingers for $15 from Amazon today.

[h/t Delish]

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