You Can Crowd-Fund a Wheel for Cats

Hannah Keyser

If you and your indoor cats live in a small apartment—and likely even if you don't—you may have noticed that they go on rambunctious tears around your home, running laps well into the night.

A group of cat-lovers from Poznan, Poland have developed a solution, a sort of hamster wheel for your cat, that they're crowd-funding on Indiegogo. The KUNA Wheel, named after the first feline user, is shipped as a series of puzzle pieces that are easily assembled at home. Through the open-source software Arduino, you can track your cat's distance, running speed, and time—and reward them with treats accordingly.

The team is hoping to raise $5000, a portion of which will be donated to a cat charity in Poland. I'm pretty sure my two guys would be more interested in sitting atop KUNA than running inside, but if your cats are more trainable and you're interested in securing a KONA wheel for your cat, make a $190 donation on the Indiegogo site.