If you're looking to upgrade your movie night with a selection of films that aren't available on other streaming platforms, check out what's available on FlixFling. This subscription service has a well-rounded library of over 5000 hard-to-find movies across all decades and genres like action, adventure, classic films, comedy, music, sci-fi, sports, and more. And you can save some money on a one-year subscription to the ad-free version of FlixFling if you sign up today.

Many of the streaming services available now have the rights to the same movies, so it's not always easy to really discover something new on them. FlixFling offers movies that are harder to find, many of which are either older or outside the lens of Hollywood. This is a service designed for movie buffs who want to take a deeper dive into their favorite genre to find gems they didn't even know existed.

When you subscribe to FlixFling, you'll be able to easily access the app on a phone, computer, tablet, or app-compatible television—your account will carry over to up to five different devices. And with the deal available today, your streaming won't be disrupted by ads. Access FlixFling at the current discounted price of $60 for a one-year subscription.


FlixFling Streaming Service: 1-Yr Subscription - $59.99

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