Build Your Own 1073-Piece LEGO Baby Yoda From Star Wars: The Mandalorian

LEGO/Lucasfilms Ltd
LEGO/Lucasfilms Ltd / LEGO/Lucasfilms Ltd
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Star Wars fans are starting to get excited for the second season of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian to premiere later this month. And while there's sure to be plenty of bounty hunter action to look forward to, the highlight is really going to be more Baby Yoda, also known as The Child.

The pint-sized green bundle of inexplicable cuteness absolutely dominated the conversation around the show last season, and LEGO wanted to ramp up the anticipation by releasing a buildable Baby Yoda set ($80) on the same day as the show’s second season premiere on October 30.

LEGO/Lucasfilms Ltd

The new 1073-piece set features an information card about Baby Yoda and a minifigure of the character that can sit on the sign. One of The Child’s favorite toys, a gearshift knob, is also added to the set, and you can adjust its mouth, ears, and head to create different expressions.

This charmingly detailed toy will be the perfect companion to watch the show with or put on display alongside your other Star Wars LEGO sets.

To pre-order, the Baby Yoda LEGO set, head over to Amazon. And if you need a Disney+ subscription to watch the return of Baby Yoda, head here.

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