There's plenty of competition in the headphone market, but the easiest way to make a decision on your next pair is to look at the user reviews over on Amazon. And right now, you can save 60 percent on the urBeats Wired Earphones with Lightning Connector, which users have awarded with a 4.4-star rating.

Various earphone brands tout different perks, like laser-precision venting that balances the bass and dual-chamber acoustics for synchronized sound and natural tonality. This urBeats set includes both with a fine-tuned acoustic design for quality audio in any music genre. The RemoteTalk feature will also keep your calls hands-free with a built-in microphone that can tap into Siri for assistance.

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Earbuds can be a more convenient option compared to bulky over-ear headphones, but you definitely don’t want the convenience to compromise comfort and noise cancellation. The urBeats earphones come with eartip options for an individualized fit that can suit your ear shape for comfort, and as a result, they work to aid in noise cancellation.

Another inconvenience other earbud brands bring is cord tangling. Avoid the hassle and time-suck of untangling those skinny, delicate cords with this set’s tangle-free flat cable, which uses magnets to easily coil up neatly.

The urBeats Wired Earphones are on sale for just $40 for a limited time.

urBeats Wired Earphones with Lightning Connector - $39.99

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