Anyone who wears glasses knows how difficult it can be to prevent them from fogging up while wearing a face mask out in public. Thankfully, somebody came up with this FogBlock Anti-Fog Solution to keep glasses and even PPE face shields clear for up to 24 hours, and right now, you can get a bottle for just $13.

When your glasses fog up, it can lead you to yank them off of your face to clean them. That can cause a big problem when your hands have been exposed to the very germs your mask is aiming to help you avoid. This streak-free and non-toxic spray is easy to apply with a spritz or two. The FogBlock Anti-Fog Solution can help with the excessive fog that comes with heavy breathing in high-stress situations and fog that comes from body heat that builds up under the layers of plastic.

If you’re planning for daily use, this two-pack is an excellent value at $23. And for those looking to hoard a bigger stash, you can get a four-pack for 33 percent off, totaling just $40.

Prices subject to change.

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