The Office Party-Planning Book Has Tips for Hosting Your Own Dundies and Cooking Kevin's Famous Chili

Insight Editions/Amazon
Insight Editions/Amazon / Insight Editions/Amazon
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Even though The Office ended after nine seasons all the way back in 2013, it still has more to offer fans. In addition to debuting on Peacock in January 2021 with never-before-seen footage, there's also a whole line of merchandise and collectibles to help keep the show alive. And if you want to feel even closer to the Dunder Mifflin shenanigans, you can learn to party like a Scrantonite with The Office: The Official Party Planning Guide to Planning Parties book, which is now available on Amazon for $27.

If you ever wished you were on the Party Planning Committee with Pam, Phyllis, and Angela, this is your chance to learn all their tricks. Through this book, you'll get to learn how to make any party feel like a break room get-together, whether you're celebrating a birthday, beach day, or Christmas. There are over 100 different recipes, pranks, decorations, and crafts to discover in this book, including tips on encasing a stapler in Jell-O, cooking up Kevin's famous chili, or making a Kelly Kapoor-approved birthday cake.

Insight Editions/Amazon

You can pre-order the book here on Amazon before its release on October 13.

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