Find Your Keys While Being Sustainable With Chipolo’s New Bluetooth Tracker That’s Made From Recycled Ocean Plastics

Chipolo / Chipolo
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There's nothing that gives a person a fright quite like realizing you can't find your keys or wallet just as you're about to leave the house. And while there's now no shortage of apps and gizmos designed to help you find your lost valuables via Bluetooth, Chipolo is the first company to do so while also keeping an eye on sustainability.

The new Chipolo One Ocean Edition tracker, which is available now on Amazon for $30, is made up of an outer shell constructed from plastic waste found in the ocean that would otherwise harm marine life and habitats by floating around endlessly. Chipolo achieved this through a partnership with Oceanworks, a company that uses the discarded plastics and other materials floating in the oceans and transforms them into new products.

Not only is Chipolo trying to combat plastics in the ocean physically, but also monetarily. For every Ocean Edition tracker that's purchased, the company will donate $1 to the non-profit organization Oceanic Global to help clean up oceans.


In addition to helping the environment, the Chipolo One Ocean Edition doesn't skimp on technological features. The lightweight, water-resistant tracker features out-of-range alerts, voice control, and a loud 120dB sound to alert you of your item's whereabouts. The app will also help you share your device's location with your friends and family and memorize where you last had your item so you can find it quickly. All you have to do is clip the Chipolo tracker to your keys, backpack, wallet, or whatever else you want to track, and then pair it with the app.

Learn more about the Chipolo One Ocean Edition here on Amazon and discover more about Oceanworks and the Oceanic Global.

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