15 Reusable Gifts for Your Eco-Friendliest Friend

Rocketbook/SodaStream (Amazon) // AVIcon, Shutterstock (Christmas tree background)
Rocketbook/SodaStream (Amazon) // AVIcon, Shutterstock (Christmas tree background) / Rocketbook/SodaStream (Amazon) // AVIcon, Shutterstock (Christmas tree background)
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By this point, your eco-friendly pal probably has a reusable water bottle that accompanies them everywhere and some sturdy grocery totes that keep their plastic-bag count below par. Here are 15 other sustainable gift ideas that’ll help them in their conservation efforts.

1. Reusable Produce Bags; $14

No more staticky plastic bags.
No more staticky plastic bags. / Naturally Sensible/Amazon

The complimentary plastic produce bags in grocery stores aren’t great, but neither is having all your spherical fruits and vegetables roll pell-mell down the checkout conveyor belt. Enter the perfect alternative: mesh bags that are nylon, lightweight, and even machine-washable.

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2. Animal Tea Infusers; $18

Adorable. / Konrisa/Amazon

Saying goodbye to disposable tea bags calls for a quality tea infuser, and there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t have a fun shape. This set of six includes a unicorn, an owl, an elephant, a shark, a squirrel, and a lemon, which can all hang over the edge of a glass or mug. (In other words, you won’t have to fish them out with your fingers or dirty a spoon when your loose leaf is done steeping.)

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3. Rocketbook Smart Notebook; $25

Typing your notes on a tablet or laptop might save trees, but it doesn’t quite capture the feeling of writing on paper with a regular pen. The Rocketbook, on the other hand, does. After you’re finished filling a page with sketches, musings, or whatever else, you scan it into the Rocketbook app with your smartphone, wipe it clean with the microfiber cloth, and start again. This one also comes with a compatible pen, but any PILOT FriXion pens will do.

Buy it: Amazon

4. Food Huggers; $15

"I'm a hugger!"
"I'm a hugger!" / Food Huggers/Amazon

It’s hard to compete with the convenience of plastic wrap or tin foil when it comes to covering the exposed end of a piece of produce or an open tin can—and keeping those leftovers in food storage containers can take up valuable space in the fridge. This set of five silicone Food Huggers stretch to fit over a wide range of circular goods, from a lidless jar to half a lemon.

Buy it: Amazon

5. Swiffer Mop Pads; $15

For floors that'll shine like the top of the Chrysler Building.
For floors that'll shine like the top of the Chrysler Building. / Turbo Microfiber/Amazon

Swiffers may be much less unwieldy than regular mops, but the disposable pads present a problem to anyone who likes to keep their trash output to a minimum. These machine-washable pads fasten to the bottom of any Swiffer WetJet, and the thick microfiber will trap dirt and dust instead of pushing it into corners. Each pad lasts for at least 100 uses, so you’d be saving your eco-friendly friend quite a bit of money, too.

Buy it: Amazon

6. SodaStream for Sparkling Water; $69

A fondness for fizzy over flat water doesn’t have to mean buying it bottled. Not only does the SodaStream let you make seltzer at home, but it’s also small enough that it won’t take up too much precious counter space. SodaStream also sells flavor drops to give your home-brewed beverage even more flair—this pack from Amazon ($29) includes strawberry, grapefruit, blackberry, lime, mango, and cherry.

Buy it: Amazon

7. Washable Lint Roller; $17

Roller dirty.
Roller dirty. / iLifeTech/Amazon

There’s a good chance that anyone with a pet (or just an intense dislike for lint) has lint-rolled their way through countless sticky sheets. iLifeTech’s reusable roller boasts “the power of glue,” which doesn’t wear off even after you’ve washed it. Each one also comes with a 3-inch travel-sized version, so you can stay fuzz-free on the go.

Buy it: Amazon

8. Countertop Compost Bin; $26

Like a tiny Tin Man for your table.
Like a tiny Tin Man for your table. / Epica/Amazon

Even if you keep a compost pile in your own backyard, it doesn’t make sense to dash outside every time you need to dump a food scrap. A countertop compost bin can come in handy, especially if it kills odors and blends in with your decor. This 1.3-gallon pail does both. It’s made of stainless steel—which matches just about everything—and contains an activated-charcoal filter that prevents rancid peels and juices from stinking up your kitchen.

Buy it: Amazon

9. Fabric-Softening Dryer Balls; $17

Also great for learning how to juggle without breaking anything.
Also great for learning how to juggle without breaking anything. / Smart Sheep

Nobody likes starchy, scratchy clothes, but some people might like blowing through bottles of fabric softener and boxes of dryer sheets even less. Smart Sheep is here to offer a solution: wool dryer balls. Not only do they last for more than 1000 loads, they also dry your laundry faster. And since they don’t contain any chemicals, fragrances, or synthetic materials, they’re a doubly great option for people with allergies and/or sensitive skin.

Buy it: Amazon

10. Rechargeable Batteries; $37

Say goodbye to loose batteries in your junk drawer.
Say goodbye to loose batteries in your junk drawer. / eneloop/Amazon

While plenty of devices are rechargeable themselves, others still require batteries to buzz, whir, and change the TV channel—so it’s good to have some rechargeable batteries on hand. In addition to AA batteries, AAA batteries, and a charger, this case from Panasonic comes with tiny canisters that function as C and D batteries when you slip the smaller batteries into them.

Buy it: Amazon

11. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads; $10

Bamboo cotton makeup removers.
Bamboo cotton makeup removers. / Greenzla/Amazon

When it comes to taking off makeup, it’s tough to beat a classic disposable cotton round. But these ones from Greenzla manage to do it. Not only are they made of organic bamboo fiber, but you can also machine-wash and -dry them. The complimentary mesh bag makes them easy to keep track of while traveling, too.

Buy it: Amazon

12. Reusable Travel Cutlery; $10

More sustainable travel utensils.
More sustainable travel utensils. / OASMU/Amazon

OASMU’s set of dishwasher-safe, stainless steel travel cutlery includes all the basics—fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, straws—plus a few extra selling points. For one, the straws come with their own pipe cleaner and removable silicone tips to keep the sipper from knocking their teeth against the metal. The travel case also prevents the utensils from clanking against each other in the bottom of a bag or backpack.

Buy it: Amazon

13. Rechargeable Hand Warmer; $26

Ditch the disposable hand warmers.
Ditch the disposable hand warmers. / Karecel/Amazon

Karecel’s rechargeable handheld heater doesn’t just keep hands toasty—it also works as a portable charger for smartphones and other USB-compatible electronic devices. (It even comes with a USB-C converter, as well as its own USB charging cord.) When fully charged, it’ll give you between four and eight hours of heat, depending on which of its three temperature settings you choose and how cold it is outside. Perfect for chronically freezing people and outdoor sports spectators.

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14. Silicone Baking Cups; $12

Reusable silicone baking cups.
Reusable silicone baking cups. / Amazon Basics

Any avid baker with an affinity for bright colors will love these silicone baking cups, which don’t require non-stick cooking spray and are safe to go in the oven, microwave, or dishwasher. They also make for fun, unbreakable little dishes that kids can put their snacks in.

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15. Microfiber Hand Duster; $11

The OXO Good Grips Microfiber Hand Duster
The OXO Good Grips Microfiber Hand Duster / OXO/Amazon

Traditional feather dusters have a tendency to stir up more dust than they absorb, and they’re not usually washable, either. This OXO microfiber duster is a handy alternative for anyone on your list who's a bit of a cleaning fanatic. After it’s trapped as much dust as it can hold (which is an impressive amount), the duster unsnaps from the handle and gets tossed in the washing machine. It’s long and bendable enough to reach into tight spots, too.

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A version of this article was originally published in 2020; it has been updated for 2021.