A Visual History of Hockey Jerseys on One Awesome Poster


After the success of their Compendiums of basketball jerseys and baseball uniforms, the Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab is going for the hat trick with its latest poster, A Visual Compendium of Hockey Jerseys. The new poster is well-timed, arriving in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

In addition to sweaters from the history of the NHL, there are also jerseys from minor league and Olympic teams. There are classics (including several beauties from my team, the New York Rangers), sweaters from discontinued teams (hi, California Golden Seals!), and more than a few missteps (like the oh-so-'90s jersey the Tampa Bay Lightning donned in 1996 and the Sabres' 2006 "Banana Slug"). Click the image below to take a closer look.

Since making their first two compendiums, "hockey has been one of our most highly requested topics," the team says. "It helps that hockey arguably has the most visually striking jerseys in sports—for better or for worse." Hockey fans can buy the poster here.