Cutest hitchhiker ever? While driving on the Pacific Coast Highway last Sunday, some police officers in Northern California came across a (very lost) sea lion pup, scooting along a stretch of the highway about a quarter mile from the ocean. Sworn to protect and serve, the officers did what any good officer would in their situation: they offered the drifter a ride home.

Given that it was one in the morning and very foggy, the sea lion happily hopped in—but not before posing for a picture:

The sea lion pup “was extremely friendly with the deputies, rubbing against their legs for attention,” according to a police department press release.

An orange tag attached to the pup’s front flipper informed the officers that the pup had come from The Marine Mammal Center. The center confirmed that they had recently released the young animal into the wild, and that his good-natured demeanor was the result of growing up in captivity. He didn't appear to be in any stress, so the police were given the OK to bring the sea lion home. 

There’s no word yet if they let him try out the siren.