Hasbro Surveys Kids About Their Future Career Plans

Hannah Keyser

Courtesy of Hasbro. Click to enlarge.

When Hasbro first launched their version of the Game of LIFE in 1960, the possible careers available to the pink and blue pegs included Doctor, Journalist, Teacher, Lawyer and Physicist. The most recent version, which became available in January, has a much broader range of possible career paths: Singer, Secret Agent, Veterinarian, Teacher, Doctor, Professional Athlete, Scientist, Fashion Designer, Lawyer, Inventor, Chef, Race Car Driver, Dancer, Police Officer, Firefighter and kids’ top pick, Video Game Designer. The final option came out of a recent survey conducted to better understand what kids today consider a dream job. Hasbro conducted an online survey of 400 kids (administered via parents) ages 8-12 in each of the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Mexico, South Korea, and Australia.

Check out what kids had to say about what influences their career aspirations and how much money they expect their hard work to pay!