If you’re the type who loves to take notes, brainstorms, and sketches by hand, you know the struggle of hoarding scraps of paper and the difficulty that comes when you try to track down one particular note or idea. This SyncPen is made for that problem, with a motion-tracking sensor that automatically turns all of your scribbles on paper into digital records.

To digitally transcribe all the things you write, simply open the Newyes app and start writing with the SyncPen as you typically would on paper with any other pen. The motion-tracking sensor in the pen automatically converts all of your strokes to digital records in a variety of formats like Microsoft Word, PDF, and JPG. You can then go in and edit those files later, kind of like digital white-out.

If you’re hoping to transition to a more eco-friendly routine, the SyncPen is an easy path to get there, thanks to the included LDC writing pad for paperless writing. The 10-inch pad lets you easily jot things down in various colors and email or collaborate with others. You can even record audio logs while you write so you never miss a beat.

The super-smart SyncPen and Newyes app can identify up to 66 languages and can capture writing at any angle you’re at. The app sorts your notes by word or date so you can easily find them later. Take your notes, brainstorms, and sketches to the next level when you use a SyncPen and LDC writing pad. The set is 24 percent off today for just $150.

Prices subject to change.

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