Impress the Ladies and Surf in a Business Suit

Rebecca OConnell

For the adventurous businessman, Quiksilver in Japan and agency TBWA\HAKUHODO has just the thing for you. They understand that in today’s market, there’s no time to change. And even if there was, why would you wear anything but a suit? What are you, a farmer

The True Wetsuit is half business suit, half wetsuit, so you can catch some waves and then enter a conference call. The fancy suit comes with a jacket, pants, and tie made from super stretchy jersey neoprene. Designed by Quicksilver and 3M, the suit guarantees quality waterproof protection. 

Absurdly, this is not something from a How I Met Your Mother episode. You can buy a personalized, made-to-order suit for about $2500 USD.