The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania
Medocino Sheriff via Facebook
Medocino Sheriff via Facebook / Medocino Sheriff via Facebook

Sea Lion Pup Hitches Ride with Police

Two Mendocino County deputies stopped along a road near Fort Bragg, California, early Sunday morning when they spotted an animal walking on the road. It was a sea lion that had walked about a quarter-mile from the ocean! The young sea lion was very friendly with the officers. They called the Marine Mammal Center and gave them information from a tag on the sea lion’s flipper. The pup was identified as one that had been released from their rehabilitation center. Since the pup appeared healthy, the center asked the officers to give the sea lion a ride back to the ocean. They opened the back door of their cruiser, and the pup jumped right in, ready for his delivery to the sea. See another picture at the Medocino Sheriff’s Facebook page.

Agoraphobic Woman Goes Outside, Disaster Strikes

Janet Faal of Crawley, West Sussex, UK, has been housebound with agoraphobia for ten years. She had only ventured outside twice in that time, and the third time was the charm -of bad luck. Faal was to accompany a friend on an outing, and moved a wooden pallet so the friend could get out of a parking space. The pallet had been loosely covering an open manhole, and Faal slipped and fell into the hole! She smashed her face and landed in a split when only one leg went down the hole. An emergency crew responded an hour later, helped Faal out of the hole, and took her to the hospital. Faal was left with two black eyes and a bruised leg, and probably won’t venture outside again for another ten years.

Surgeon Removes Rare Teratoma by Keyhole Surgery

PhD candidate Yamini Karanam reported a lack of comprehension, which led her to seek medical help. When her neurologist and neurosurgeon couldn’t agree on treatment, she sought out Dr. Hrayr Shahinian at the Skullbase Institute in Los Angeles. He used a new minimally-invasive fiber-optic surgical technique to remove a tumor from her brain. It was a teratoma causing her problems, a mass that included bone, hair, and teeth. Karanam called the tumor her “evil twin,” which led others to refer to the tumor as her “embryonic twin.” That is a misnomer, as a teratoma is a tumor that develops different anomalous types of tissue as it grows. In Karanam’s case, it was a benign tumor, and she is expected to recover completely.

Traffic Jam Caused by Dog Driving Truck

Farmer Tom Hamilton was out in his Gator utility vehicle on Wednesday morning checking his flock of sheep off highway M74 near Abington, UK. He was accompanied by his sheepdog Don. Hamilton stepped out to observe some lambs, and turned around to see his vehicle, with Don in the driver’s seat, breaking through a fence! It continued on to the highway and crashed into the median barrier. Don had apparently leaned onto the controls, sending the truck on its doomed route. Traffic Scotland posted the story on Twitter as if the dog were driving the truck, prompting responses inquiring as to the dog’s driving record and results of a Breathalyzer.

China Wants to Stop Funeral Strippers

The rise in people hiring strippers to entertain mourners at funerals has the Chinese government concerned. The Ministry of Culture is investigating reports of such entertainment and wants to ban it completely.

In the Handan incident earlier this year, the ministry said, six performers had arrived to offer an erotic dance at the funeral of an elderly resident. Investigators were dispatched and the performance was found to have violated public security regulations, with the person responsible for the performing troupe in question detained administratively for 15 days and fined 70,000 yuan (about $11,300), the statement said. The government condemned such performances for corrupting the social atmosphere.

The rise in funeral entertainment is a way to draw more mourners, which is a sign of status for the deceased and surviving family members. A well-attended funeral is also supposed to bring good fortune in the afterlife.

Town May Change Slogan

Tisdale, Saskatchewan, is proud of its agricultural products, mainly honey and rapeseed oil, which is called canola oil in the U.S. In 1958, the town adopted the slogan “Land of Rape and Honey.” You can see that might cause consternation in places where the rape plant is not well known. A survey is being conducted of Tisdale residents to determine whether it is time to change the slogan. A previous survey in 1992 was evenly split. This time the scales may be tipped toward change. Votes will be tallied in July.