The First Doughnut in Space Completes Its Voyage


Lately, people have been sending all sorts of things up into space, including pizza, a hamburger, and even a can of Natty Light. Mankind is on to the next frontier: pastries. 

On April 9, two Swedes decided to launch a strawberry frosted doughnut 2 miles above earth by attaching it to a weather balloon. They recorded the journey with a camera and uploaded the footage for everyone to enjoy. It made it just beyond the stratosphere—so, OK, it wasn't technically outer space, but it was close.

After a quick tour above earth, the doughnut fell into the water, where it was discovered by Swedish Sea Rescue Society, who helpfully returned it to the team. The Swedes did the only logical thing and ate it. They described the taste as "out of this world."

So what's the next food to enter space? Sushi? Baklava? A hotdog with the works? With a GoPro and weather balloon, anything is possible. Just remember that anything that gets shot into space needs a permit!