You Can Play Detective at Home With the New Murder Mystery Game Death at the Dive Bar

Hunt a Killer/Amazon
Hunt a Killer/Amazon / Hunt a Killer/Amazon
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Like everything else in 2020, your game nights probably look a little different this year. But that doesn’t mean an evening of spooky fun is out of reach. Hunt a Killer, the world’s top murder mystery company, has released a retail game just in time to satisfy your true-crime obsessions this holiday season.

Death at the Dive Bar ($30) contains everything you need to unravel the mystery of a suspicious death at the seedy Old Scratch Tavern: letters, newspaper articles, crime scene photos, police notes, and more. After 45-60 minutes of combing through the evidence, you and your team of fellow detectives will arrive at a conclusion, which you can check against the sealed solution envelope. And should you be taking part in some amateur sleuthing alone, no worries: Death at the Dive Bar will keep you fully engaged as a single-player game.

“Our team has really delivered on creating immersive experiences, providing vivid storytelling and authentic clues, and it really shows with this new game,” Hunt A Killer CEO and co-founder Ryan Hogan said in a press release. “We are very excited to expand our business into the retail channel, and can’t wait for players to dive into this new mystery.”

If you prefer to receive a monthly dose of terror via the subscription box route, you can opt for Hunt a Killer Horror: Blair Witch. Here, players must try to find a man who has gone missing in the Black Hills Forest just outside of Burkittsville, Maryland—home to the infamous Blair Witch. To accomplish this, players will get a new batch of evidence mailed to them every month that gets them closer to the finale.

Death at the Dive Bar is available to order online on Amazon and in brick-and-mortar Target stores, and the Blair Witch episodic subscription box can be found online for $25 a month.

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