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Apparently, a summer where theme parks and resorts were closed encouraged people to learn how to bake copious amounts of sourdough bread, nurture a fiddle-leaf fig tree, and crochet yards upon yards of quilts. With a new year around the corner, you can set a different goal by learning a new language faster and easier than ever with Memrise, an app with a three-step approach that teaches you a new language with the same methods you learned to speak your native one.

The goal with Memrise is to keep you motivated to learn real-life words and phrases through naturally voiced audio and video clips, meaning you’re learning from actual dialogue rather than reading a textbook. You’ll be able to set daily goals and reminders to keep up with your progress and even join leaderboards to compete against other users.

Memrise won the Best App award at the Google Play Awards in 2017 and was named the best app for learning to speak casually in a new language by CNET. That casual handle on a foreign language can make all the difference when you’re traveling abroad and trying to fit in.

You can choose from 22 languages with Memrise, and right now, a lifetime subscription to the app is only $100, which is 28 percent off its standard price.

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