Superfan Creates Functional Iron Man Glove

Ali Parr

Tony Stark may be a billionaire, but you don’t need his bank account to transform yourself into a superhero. Laser enthusiast and inventor Patrick Priebe has created a functional Iron Man glove just in time for the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. 

Capable of shooting lasers powerful enough to obliterate balloons and sear designs into wood, this impressive creation took Priebe just three weeks to complete. (Conversely, I still haven’t been able to put together the desk chair I bought in January.) The outside of the glove is made from aluminum and spray-painted Iron Man’s classic candy red and gold, while the inside is made from brass to facilitate easy movement. A simple flex of the wrist activates the palm-based laser, while the other functions use an attached controller.

This glove is hardly Priebe’s first foray into recreating iconic super-gadgets. His YouTube channel also showcases a homemade James Bond-esque LaserWatch and an electromagnetic Webshooter that could give Spider-Man a run for his money. All of his inventions are listed on his website and are available for purchase on request.