These 3D Printed Nests Make Homes for City Birds


Image Credit: Printed Nest

Not all birds build their own nests. Certain types of birds like to make their homes in holes in wood, but in a city or suburb, there’s often not enough wood to go around. In the absence of a hole in a tree, bluebirds, woodpeckers, chickadees, and wrens all use birdhouses

But maybe, despite your love of birds, you don’t want to handcraft a wooden birdhouse, or you just feel like the birdwatcher aesthetic doesn’t fit with your modern house. Enter the 3D printed birdhouse.

Image Credit: Printed Nest

Printed Nest, an open-source community of bird lovers and designers, has created a range of 3D printed birdhouses that the company hopes will provide habitats for winged friends in urban areas. (Cities are home to some 20 percent of bird species.) The brightly-colored mesh nests feature antlers for birds to land on and ample space inside.  

See the printing process in the video below:

Pre-printed nests start at $42, or you can download the designs and print them yourself.

[h/t: PSFK]

Banner image courtesy iStock