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Keep Your Pet Chicken Cozy All Winter With This Tiny Sweater

Michele Debczak
AnimalFunandFashion, Etsy
AnimalFunandFashion, Etsy / AnimalFunandFashion, Etsy

The joys of wearing a warm sweater when the weather gets cold aren't limited to humans. You can find cozy apparel to fit nearly any pet you have at home—including your chicken, Cosmopolitan reports.

This crochet chicken sweater is available at the Etsy shop AnimalFunandFashion. It comes in a variety of colors and buttons up to fit comfortably around your feathered fashionista. You can even get yours with a white feather trim.

When ordering a Christmas sweater for your chicken, you have your choice of four sizes. If you aren't familiar with poultry clothing sizes, don't worry: The product description includes a measurement guide.

AnimalFunandFashion warns that while their sweaters do make for cute holiday outfits, they shouldn't be worn constantly, as they can interfere with the molting process. You can order yours from their Etsy shop today. Prices range from $15.90 to $19.60.

Pet fashion has grown from a cute novelty to an entire industry. From scarves to sweaters, here are more clothing items that will keep your pet warm and stylish this winter.

AnimalFunandFashion, Etsy

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