Just because we're grown ups doesn't mean we can't enjoy a good coloring session

London organization The School of Life created these fun colored pencils for adults. On the side of each pencil, there's a mood or feeling where the name of the color might be. Each word is something that the color might invoke, according to color psychology. For example, the dark red is called power and the purple is called ambiguity. The pack comes with a handy guidebook that explains the reason for each word.

"This box knows that colours are connected to the chords of our souls," the website explains

The pencils come in a super slick buckram finish box. There are 12 pencils per set so you can color with a wide range of emotions. Here's the full list of what you can convey with your colored pencils: 

Hope - Yellow
Vitality - Orange
Adventure - Red
Power - Dark Red
Ambiguity - Purple 
Clarity - Light Blue 
Discipline - Dark Blue
Sanity - Light Green
Realism - Dark Green 
Mellowness - Brown
Dignity - Dark Brown
Authority - Black

[h/t: CoolHunting.com]