Melted Plastic Army Men Make an Excellent Fruit Bowl

Ali Parr
instructables / instructables

The fourth installment of the Toy Story franchise is reportedly going to be a rom-com. But just in case Pixar decides to switch it up and make a horror film, here’s an idea for them: melt down the plastic army men and turn their lifeless bodies into a stylish fruit bowl! 

This creative decorating tip is brought to us by Instructables member “N36,” who wanted to recreate a similar project he had once seen. Although the finished product may look complex, the construction process is actually quite simple. The only supplies you need are a metal bowl, a heat gun, and a few bags of your unsuspecting victims. Lay your troops down on the inside of the bowl, crank up the heat gun, and voilà: You’ve got yourself a brand new, albeit slightly morbid, fruit bowl to liven up your kitchen.

Remember that safety comes first, so be sure to take this project outside in order to avoid filling your house with toxic fumes. As “N36” puts it, “Plastic army men are toxic and just like the real things, can kill.”