This Robot Tells You How Old You Look

Beth Anne Macaluso
How-Old.Net / How-Old.Net

Ready to face up to how old you really look? There’s an app for that—sort of.

Today, Twitter—okay, and maybe a couple of our editors—went a little nuts over Microsoft’s How Old Do I Look? (#HowOldRobot), a bot that claims to be able to determine the ages and genders of people in any photos that are uploaded to the site.

Results seem to be pretty mixed so far. (Complex tried using 16-year-old Jaden Smith’s photo—‘How Old’ thinks he’s 37.)

Executive editor Erin McCarthy (she’s 32) uploaded this snap, featuring senior editor Abbey Stone (27) and staff writer Caitlin Schneider (28):

(Sorry/not sorry, you guys.)

In a blog post written yesterday, two Microsoft developers outline how they forwarded the URL to 50 of their friends—and, in just a few hours, had over 35,000 users try out the face detection tool.

They’re not, it turns out, actually interested in how old you all are. But they are excited about the site's ability to glean stats, in real time, about the ages and genders of people using it.

The Internet, for its part, seems pretty jazzed to have discovered a brand-new time waster. Until something less potentially ego-crushing comes along tomorrow, that is.