A Basement Dedicated to Extreme LEGO Building

Rebecca OConnell

After he and his husband moved into a house in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, architect and avid LEGO builder Jeffrey Pelletier decided to combine his interests by creating a "LEGO Lair" in the basement of his new home.

The architect renovated the house, which was built in 1902, but kept the original structure in place. “You get the floor plan of a modern house, but you get the feel of an older home,” he said. He painted the entire house in bright, cheery colors to counteract Seattle's sometimes dreary weather.

The house is beautiful and welcoming, but the real draw is the basement with 9-foot ceilings. Pelletier added custom-built floor-to-ceiling shelving, which he filled with LEGO bricks that he has acquired since childhood (he estimates that he has around a quarter million pieces). The bricks are separated into 153 bins and 189 drawers, all neatly organized by color or by piece—there's even a drawer just for (plastic) food.

On top of the sweet collection, there's also a media room, well-stocked bar, laundry room, and guest room. The couple can entertain guests without waking their one-year-old son sleeping two floors above.

You can see some of the creations Pelletier has made in the basement in the video above. He even made a pretty accurate model of his own home.