Coursera Has Teamed Up With Disney and Pixar to Celebrate Soul With a Curated Selection Of Courses Aimed at Maximizing Your Creative Side

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Passion is the fuel of life. It helps ignite our creativity and gives us a purpose in our careers, in our relationships, and even at home when we’re enjoying our favorite hobbies. And the easiest way to spark our passion is through education. In celebration of Disney & Pixar’s Soul streaming only on Disney+ on December 25, Coursera has curated a unique collection of courses for you to explore your artistic and creative interests for personal development and learn new ways to bring passion and purpose to your career.

There are six exclusive collections in all, with each containing six courses organized around a particular theme. If you’re the kind of learner who’ll be taking multiple courses, consider getting a Coursera Plus subscription, which gets you unlimited access to more than 3000 courses—including everything in the collections.

Whether you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, make a move for your dream career, or just want to learn to embrace life’s little pleasures, there’s a course here for anyone looking for a new spark. Plus, from November 20 through December 4, all of the courses in the Soul collection are free for Coursera’s Black Friday promotion. Find your perfect course collection below.

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The Creative Life

This course collection is all about embracing your creative side, whether you’re looking to continue studying your chosen artistic pursuit or are a newcomer to the craft. With this array of classes, you can learn more about art with the MoMA’s Modern Art & Ideas course, fine-tune your inner poet with California Institute of Art’s poetry workshop class, or sharpen your jazz chops with a class from the famed Berklee College of Music.

Creative Careers

Your imagination doesn't just have to remain in your head. With this course collection, you can literally learn to put your creative side to work for you by turning your passion into a lucrative career. There are classes about writing for young readers, graphic design, video game design, writing a novel, and building a brand through your own music. And the schools are about as prestigious as they come, with classes coming from the likes of Michigan State University, Berklee College of Music, and California Institute of the Arts.

Purposeful Living

Sometimes the sheer volume of tasks you complete every day can make it hard to stay connected to a sense of purpose. When that happens, you may need a new burst of motivation to help you remember to make every moment count. In this collection, you’ll find courses that support your mental well-being, encourage your creativity, and reinforce positive thinking.

Professional Development

Achieving career success is all about finding compelling ways to tell your story, and in these courses, you'll learn new strategies for sharing your unique talents and experience. Grow your networking skills, learn the fundamentals of success, and build your brand with these courses from the University of Virginia, the State University of New York, and more. Remember, telling your story is how people discover your talent—and these courses will teach you how.

Personal Development

Both physical and mental wellness are vital for a successful career and personal life—and in this collection, you’ll learn to maximize both. Dig deep into the science of fitness and how it can benefit more than just your body with the Hacking Exercise for Health course from McMaster University. After that, build confidence with a course on public speaking from the University of Washington and learn how to structure an argument with a class from Duke University. And if you need help thinking out of the box, a class on motivation and determination will give you a head start.

Career Change

Changing careers is exciting, but it can also be a bit of a daunting prospect. You can set yourself up for success with a resume and interview skills that stand out from your competition. Learn about those skills and more with this course collection from schools like the University of Maryland and Wesleyan University. The other classes in this bundle help you juggle the logistics involved with changing careers and set you up with a plan that makes your next job a success right from the start. This is your chance to learn the skills necessary to land your dream job.

Stream Disney & Pixar’s Soul December 25 only on Disney+, and learn more about Coursera Plus here.