11 Berkshire Hathaway Products Featuring Warren Buffett's Face

All photos by Stacy Conradt
All photos by Stacy Conradt / All photos by Stacy Conradt

This past weekend was the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting in Omaha. Warren Buffett's bash is always a big deal, but this year's 50th anniversary meant commemorative items galore. If you didn't make it to "Woodstock for Capitalists," here are the souvenirs you missed out on.

1. Berky Boxers

Yours for the low price of $6.

2. Berky Bra

Don't worry, ladies—Berkshire Hathaway didn't forget you. You can also display your support for BRK for just $6. (Actually, unless you got there on the first day, you can't. These had sold out by day two.)

3. Warren and Charlie socks

Tastefully embroidered with the symbols for various international currencies, these socks are a great investment.

4. "The Perfect Pair" condiments

Buffett would definitely approve of this frugal deal—just $2 for the collectors' set of Heinz condiments. (Wonder if he stocked up?)

5. See's Candies chocolates and dish

You may not be able to invest like Buffett and Munger, but you can snack like them. The pair famously munch on See's Candies throughout the entire six-hour-plus annual meeting. This year, Munger focused his attentions on the peanut brittle, while Buffett opted for fudge.

6. 50th Anniversary Justin Boots

I'd put this stylish footwear up there with the boots that are frequently gifted to presidents.

7. Running Shoes

If you'd rather go for a run than hit the rodeo, these Brooks shoes—featuring a familiar caricature on the back—are right up your alley.

8. Charm Bracelet

The perfect accessory for the Charlie Munger fangirl in your life.

9. Berkshire Quirkle—and Travel Quirkle!

For your next family car trip. (It's better than 20 Questions.)

10. My First Berkshire ABC

Nearly every single letter in the alphabet is represented by a brand owned by Berkshire. ("Q" is "quality products.")

11. Rubber Duckies

This is probably the closest you'll be able to get to bath time with Warren and Charlie.