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How to Put On a 200 Pound Turban

Mangesh Hattikudur

I’ve long been obsessed with this gorgeous photo series from Mark Hartman of pictures of Sikh gentlemen wearing massive turbans. Traditionally, Sikhs keep their hair uncut, and many choose to wear their hair in turbans. But few spend as much time corralling those locks as Baba Avtar Singh.

This lovely short video, directed by Hartman for Vogue, follows Singh as he wraps 2460 feet of fabric around his hair, then adds an extra 100 pounds of beautiful silver accessories to the mix. The whole process, which takes Singh around 2 hours every morning, is condensed here. But watching how effortlessly he moves around after he gets that 200 pound bundle together is stunning (especially since he needs help to stand on occasion). And seeing him race around town on his motorbike is truly delightful. If you have a few minutes, it’s definitely worth watching.