Take the World's Emotional Pulse With Emojis

Caitlin Schneider

For anyone who considers the frequently used emojis tab as a barometer for their emotional/mental health (which I do) ...

... now you can check up on the emotional status of Twitter in the same way. Created by Matthew Rothenberg, emojitracker is a real-time look at which emojis are being tweeted in a stunning, ever-changing, stress-inducing grid. At the time of writing, icons like the mailbox and French horn were getting little play while the red heart and prayer hands were lighting up the board.

A word of warning: The site may cause seizures and comes with an epilepsy warning when you click through. It’s a mesmerizing testament to the sheer number of sentiment-filled tweets being published at any given moment, and at billions of tweets and counting, emjoitracker is building a hefty set of visual data on how we communicate.