This Trash Can/Vacuum Combo Makes Dustpans Obsolete


When I imagine hell, I think of an eternity of attempting to sweep tinier and tinier grains of dirt and grime off the floor into a dustpan using only a broom. No matter how vigorously I sweep those piles of household debris into the dustpan, there will always be that single line of grime left over, the unsweepable filth doomed to haunt my kitchen floor forever.

Enter Bruno, a trash can that doubles as a vacuum to eliminate the need for dustpans. Just sweep everything right up to the edge of the trash can, and the compact little kitchen helper will do the rest. The integrated vacuum system activates when the broom comes close to the base of the trash can, sucking dirt up directly into the trash bag. It runs on batteries, and can run for 30 days per charge.  

Of course, you’ve got to buy Bruno’s custom-fitted trash bags, as well as deal with the very real possibility that some day your trash can may break—something that is a virtual impossibility with your average dumb trash receptacle. Such is the price of living in the future, where even your trash has an app of its own (in this case, one that will remind everyone in the house when it's trash day). 

Bruno may be a little more expensive than your average refuse bin, but the price of eliminating the sweep-sweep-dump-vacuum-sweep-again cycle of dustpan cleaning could be worth it. At least for those who haven't given up and pledged to live Pigpen-style. The high-tech dustbin is available on Kickstarter for $159.

[h/t: Co.Design]

All images courtesy Bruno.