A Font to Write like Albert Einstein

Sonia Weiser
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Finally—a font that'll make your emails appear intelligent! A new Kickstarter campaign from German typographer Harald Geisler and Elizabeth Waterhouse seeks to fund the creation of a digital font that mirrors Albert Einstein’s unique penmanship.

Geisler spent six months studying the scientist's handwriting in his papers at the Albert Einstein Archives. To create the font, Geisler traced the letters with a digital pen, then cleaned them and adjusted the "ink" thickness with font creation software. Using this time-consuming method, the typographer captured not only individual letters, but also how certain letter combinations flowed together and the angles at which they were written. He also developed a way for the letters to automatically switch glyphs as you type, in order to match the following letter’s shape. Currently, the font has 432 glyphs. 

Geisler used the same process when creating the successfully funded, 1467 glyph Sigmund Freud font. If the Albert Einstein font receives the desired $15,000 by June 13, Geisler will be able to devote more time to increasing the number of letter variations and to creating four full alphabets and additional physics notations.