Paint-Covered Dogs Shake Out Abstract Art


Catching dogs on camera during a particularly vigorous shake has become something of an art form. Canismo, a project from a group of Brazil-based artists, is turning water-logged pups into artists using a few buckets of non-toxic paint with the goal of supporting the adoption of shelter animals. 

For the series, dogs are covered in paint, and like wet dogs are wont to do, they shake themselves silly, spraying nearby canvases with color. The process creates abstract works of canine art.

The glory of the Canismo project leans heavily on shaggier dogs, whose mop-like tassels of fur swing globs of paint wildly across the room. These pups shake like they're trying to make Taylor Swift proud. 

All proceeds from donations and sales of the paintings go to the animal shelter Jardim dos Amiguinhos (Garden of Little Friends). Check out the epic, messy process in the photos below, taken by Alex Takaki and Lucas Tintori of the São Paulo-based photography studio Estúdio Pola.

See more (with video!) over on the Canismo site. 

[h/t: Laughing Squid]

All images courtesy Canismo.