The Homecoat: A Robe So Cozy It's Like Wearing a Weighted Blanket

It's hard to get cozier than the Homecoat.
It's hard to get cozier than the Homecoat. / OFFHOURS
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With the onset of daylight saving time and the approach of winter—not to mention the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic—staying cozy, getting rest, and indulging in a little self-care is more important than ever. And as someone who is both working from home these days and who keeps the heat off most of the time during the winter (lest her apartment turn into a hot, dry, desert-like environment), I’m always looking for ways to keep it comfortable and cozy. So when OFFHOURS offered to send me their Homecoat to try out, there was no way I was saying no.

OFFHOURS created the Homecoat as a way to acknowledge that rest and relaxation are just as important to a healthy life as being active, and its goal was to make something that was both super comfortable and practical without also being frumpy. The result was “the closest you can get to actually wearing your comforter without cutting a couple of arm holes in it”: A quilted, gender-neutral, one-size-fits-all robe made of premium French Terry cotton on the outside and soft T-shirt cotton on the inside.

There were a lot of things about the Homecoat—which I got in Affogato (above and below)—that I appreciated as soon as I opened the box. First, I loved the fact that it came in environmentally friendly biodegradable packaging rather than a plastic bag. It’s pre-washed, so it’s super soft right off the bat, and I loved its meaningful design touches, including the red loop used for hanging, a nod to the fact that in China, red is said to bring good luck. OFFHOURS’s co-founder, Rebecca Zhou, has family in China, and the Homecoat is made there at a woman-owned business in the Shenzhen region.

This is what the kids call "a mood."
This is what the kids call "a mood." / OFFHOURS

Once I put the Homecoat on, I knew I would be wearing it often. Other robes will keep you warm, sure, but the Homecoat absolutely engulfs you, in the best possible way. (As one reviewer noted on the OFFHOURS website, “Now I look like a giant marshmallow with a tiny head. It's awesome.”) I’m a short person, so it would obviously cocoon me, but even my 6-foot-2-inch husband raves about this aspect of the robe. The Homecoat is undeniably cozy—it’s sort of like walking around in a weighted blanket (it clocks in at five pounds!) or getting a good hug, so I find myself donning it whenever I’m feeling anxious or need a little extra comfort. It’s filled with polyester batting, which has kept me warm without causing overheating—no small feat. And it’s a cat-magnet: You can bet that when I put it on, I will have a purring feline curled up in my lap soon after.

The Homecoat is made of premium materials, and wearing it certainly feels luxurious, but one of the best things about it is that it’s easy to care for: In fact, it’s machine washable and, according to reviewers, holds up well after multiple washings.

My whole house is obsessed with the Homecoat—my husband will snag it if I’m not wearing it, and if I happen to leave it on the couch, even my cat will get in there. So if you’re looking for a way to treat yourself or someone you love after this very strange year, the Homecoat is a good option. It comes six colors—Affogato, Memphis, Michelangelo, Varsity, Sweatshirt, and Lunar. You can pick one up here, starting at $295.