The New Hamburglar Is Here to Tell You McDonald's Is Hip

Rebecca OConnell
McDonald's / McDonald's

In an effort to stay relevant, McDonald's has been on a misguided marketing rampage, rebranding their beloved characters. After vest-ifying Ronald McDonald, they turned their sights on the poor Hamburglar. No longer a cartoon, the character's getup resembles a last-minute Halloween costume thrown together by a college kid.

The new burger thief sports a trench coat, hamburger tie, fedora, and flashy red kicks. It's hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like he might also be wearing some ill-fitting cargo pants.

The new rumpled mascot may lack the spunky charm of the original, but he has gained... a child? In his first debut since 2002, the Hamburglar made a teasing appearance in a new McDonald's commercial on Twitter:

Wait, is this who we think it is??! — McDonald's (@McDonalds) May 6, 2015

The gap-toothed thief has grown a lot since his animated years—and has acquired a family. Could it be a cover? That's pretty dastardly, even for the Hamburglar.

There's no word yet if the other McDonald's mascots will fall to the same fate as their companions, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Grimace rocking some shutter shades and a mustache.