Here’s one surefire way to draw attention to the plight of homeless pets everywhere: pose a few of them with a handful of menacing-looking Star Wars characters. That’s just what our animal-loving neighbors to the north recently did at the Ottawa Humane Society, and it seems to be working.

The adorable photo shoot—which was organized by the group’s volunteer photographer, Rohit Saxena—has already received international attention, not to mention a thumbs-up from Luke Skywalker himself.

It’s not just cute cats and playful pups that are getting the Star Wars treatment; some bunnies and guinea pigs have managed to find themselves in this shelter far, far away (some of the pets look less thrilled to be there than others). It’s all part of the organization’s “Light or Dark” adoption campaign, which promises that “there are no sides when it comes to helping animals." Here are some of the images.

All images courtesy Rohit Saxena / Ottawa Humane Society