14 Gifts We're Giving in 2020

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There are a lot of gifts to be bought this time of year, but you don't want to give the people in your life the same old presents they've already seen countless times. So we thought we’d help you out a bit by sharing a few of the things we plan on gifting this season. From comfy waterproof boots for the outdoorsy people in your life to a Nerf Blaster for the kids (or chaotic adults) on your list, we think you'll find something for everyone here (even if you're just in the market to treat yourself).

1. Women's Snowcreek Lace Waterproof Boots; $130


This year, I’m gifting myself a solid pair of winter boots. These waterproof, fleece-lined boots from Merrell are sleek enough to wear around a city and sturdy enough to handle a lengthier walk in the woods. —Kerry Wolfe, Staff Editor

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2. L.L. Bean Daybreak Scuffs; $64

L.L. Bean

Months spent cooped up inside mean many of us have swapped outdoor shoes for slippers. Give someone the gift of warm, cozy feet with these sturdy-yet-comfortable slippers from L.L. Bean. —K.W.

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3. CarbonKlean Peeps Eyeglass Lens Cleaner; $20


These glasses cleaners make an unconventional, though useful, stocking stuffer. The glasses-wearers in your life will finally be able to wipe their lenses without accidentally adding additional finger smudges in the process. —K.W.

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4. Legendary Whitetails Flannel Shirt; $29 to $55

Legendary Whitetails/Amazon

These premium cotton shirts are extremely comfortable and toasty in winter weather—perfect for dads (like mine) who have recently returned from Florida. —Jake Rossen, Senior Staff Writer

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5. Nerf Fortnite TS-R Blaster; $45


Fortnite fans of college age will appreciate this diversion, which includes three llama targets. It will hopefully distract younger relatives from indulging in less wholesome social activities. —J.R.

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6. Hello Kitty Tamagotchi; $20


My niece is finally becoming fun to shop for now that she (I think) turned 7 in May. I already got her a few gifts from a predetermined list my family has to follow, but I also decided to go a bit rogue and buy her the new Hello Kitty Tamagotchi. I had one of the original Tamagotchis back in the late '90s, and I remember it driving my mother up a wall. I was grossly irresoponsible in taking care of it, so she used to take it to work with her to feed it and entertain it throughout the day. And while I would always lose interest in keeping it alive, I would be despondent whenever it would die—and no mother wants their kid's digital pet to die of neglect. In short, children are incredibly difficult, and I'd be honored if my niece followed in that tradition. —Jay Serafino, Special Projects Editor

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7. Grovemade Wood Notebook; $25


This Grovemade Wood Notebook is a treat for any self-proclaimed notebook collectors like myself. Leatherbound notebooks feel like a dime a dozen compared to this unique wooden spiral one. —Elaine Selna, Commerce Writer

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8. PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer; $80


I bought this gadget for my clean-conscious brother-in-law. It claims to kill 99 percent of germs on your phone (or any other item that fits inside it) with a 10-minute blast of UV light. It's hard to tell if it's working, but we're better safe than sorry these days. —Kat Long, Science Editor

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9. Therapy Dough; $15

Uncommon Goods

In 2020, it's hard to go wrong with gifts that relieve stress. That's why I'm getting this kneading dough as a stocking stuffer for my boyfriend. It's infused with essential oils, so it releases soothing scents when massaged. Plus, it's a lot more sophisticated than a fidget spinner. —Michele Debczak, Senior Staff Writer

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10. Fabric Defuzzer/Shaver; $13


The gentle whirring of this handheld machine almost seems to say “Don’t worry, I’ll make your shabby sweaters look brand-new.” The tiny blades shave the pills off fabrics of all kinds, making this an ideal gift for avid thrifters or just anyone determined to get as much wear as possible out of their favorite garments. —Ellen Gutoskey, Staff Writer

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11. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit; $40

Uncommon Goods

I'm indulging my little brother's love for hot sauce with this kit, which comes with everything he needs to make his own smokin' hot sauce: bottles; cayenne, ancho, curry, and chili spice packs; and vinegar. —Erin McCarthy, Editor-in-Chief

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12. Oyster Mushroom Log; $30

Uncommon Goods

My mom can't get enough mushrooms, so this year, I gifted her a log so she can grow her own. All she needs to do is soak the log and keep it in a cool, damp place, and once it starts sprouting, she can harvest, soak, and repeat every six weeks for three years. It's the gift that literally keeps on giving. —E.M.

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13. Tough Cookie Plant Duo; $92

The Sill

I opted to give the gift of greenery from The Sill to several people on my list this year. The new plant parents got the Tough Cookie duo—a hardy ZZ Plant and Philodendron that can withstand low light and a missed watering here or there. The Sill also has all the accessories a new plant owner will need, from lava rocks and soil to a watering can. —E.M.

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14. Mental Floss Amazing Facts 2021 Desk Calendar; $16

Andrews McMeel

Sorry, not sorry for buying everyone on my list Mental Floss's brand-new fact-a-day calendar. Not only will it be a great way to help them figure out what day it even is in 2021, they'll all learn new and fascinating facts to keep them entertained (and to amaze others on their many Zoom calls!). —E.M.

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