Toast the Holidays With These Christmas Tree Ornaments You Can Fill With Liquor

An extra gift for Christmas morning.
An extra gift for Christmas morning. / Mealivos/Amazon
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Christmas trees have a rich history of edible adornments, including everything from apples to frosted cakes. But considering that real trees are known to play host to thousands of tiny bugs, it’s probably unadvisable to eat anything right off the branches. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with tossing back some whiskey from a bauble-shaped shot glass.

Though you may already own hollow baubles that could technically hold liquid, they might not be manufactured from food-safe material. And figuring out how to secure the tops tightly enough to hang the liquor-filled ornaments back on the tree (without grabbing your hot glue gun) could prove fruitless. Luckily, there are plenty of products created for the express purpose of boozing up your Christmas tree, no matter what color scheme you’re going for.

The ornaments will look darker if they're filled with whiskey or something similar.
The ornaments will look darker if they're filled with whiskey or something similar. / Mealivos/Amazon

Mealivos offers a few sets of six baubles—all made from food-safe plastic—on Amazon that feature screw-on tops and hooks so you can easily hang them on your tree. You can keep it classic with this set ($14), which has three red and three green baubles; or add a little extra color with this version ($14), which comes with two red, two green, and two yellow ones. If your tree is already colorful enough, you might prefer these clear ones ($14), which are shaped like regular light bulbs. This pack of 12 ($27) from Patelai is another appealing option for those who don’t want the color of the bauble to obscure the color of its contents: They’re clear plastic, and they even come with a sheet of stickers that say “Drink me.”

They're not just for alcohol-drinkers.
They're not just for alcohol-drinkers. / Mealivos/Amazon

As Simplemost points out, you don’t have to limit yourself to liquor. Any alcohol-free beverage is fair game, and you could even fit a small serving of candy in each one. Or you could take a page out of Buddy the Elf’s book and just fill them all with maple syrup.

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