10 Toasty Products for People Who Are Always Cold

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Some people are hot blooded, but then there are those who seem to always be chilly even in the dead of summer. If that's you (or someone you know), we've picked out some refreshingly warm products that should be able to help you get through the harshest winter.

1. An Electric Blanket for the Car; $21


Getting into a freezing car on an icy, dreary morning is something everyone dreads, but this electric blanket is powered by a cigarette lighter and can make driving in the cold so much more tolerable. You can use it during a commute or just plug it in while you're waiting for your car to warm up in the morning.

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2. An Adorable Kitty Mousepad That Keeps Hands Warm; $20

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This accessory is certain to liven up any workspace, whether in an office or the home. But it’s more than just a cute way to spruce up a bleak cubicle; it also warms your hands, thanks to the adjustable heating element inside that can be set for anywhere between 60°F and 113°F.

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3. A Personal Fireplace for The Table; $80


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of relaxing next to a nice warm fire, but many people don’t have the space or adequate ventilation for a traditional wood-burning fireplace. This small tabletop fire pit is different than an electric fireplace in that it has real fire (it can even be used to roast marshmallows), but its clean-burning fuel means there won't be any dirty smoke in the home.

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4. A Heated Pet House; $80

Furhome Collective/Amazon

Don’t forget about your little fuzzy friends this year! Even with a fur coat, they can still get cold, especially if you live somewhere too chilly for their breed. You can keep your pet warm with this insulated, waterproof pet house with a built-in heating pad. Put it indoors for a particularly spoiled pooch or on your porch for a kitty that insists on going outside even in the snow.

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5. A Cozy Foot Warmer; $48


Some people just have cold feet, even when they're covered with a blanket. This electric foot warmer is the perfect solution since it provides them a cozy, warm pouch perfect for relaxing at home. Give it to your partner who always puts their freezing feet on you so you'll never have to feel the jolt of ice-cold toes on your legs again.

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6. A Battery-Powered Hoodie; $140


Why does a hoodie need a battery? To create three warming zones along the chest and upper back that keep you toasty no matter the outdoor temperature. The hoodie even has a USB port to keep it powered up and ready to go.

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7. An Electric Mattress Pad; $62


Sure, everyone’s seen electric blankets, but what about an electric mattress pad makes the entire bed feel cozy and warm, even on places left uncovered by blankets? Just tell your loved one to turn it on 10 minutes before they go to sleep to create the coziest bed they've ever been in. It has controls on each side, so those who sleep with a partner can have their own settings, and it’s even designed with temperature zones to keep those feet extra toasty without overheating the neck and shoulders.

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8. Aromatherapy Microwaveable Slippers; $31

Mars Wellness/Amazon

Slippers are a good choice on any cold evening, but to really step things up, consider ones that you can throw in the microwave. As a bonus, thanks to aromatherapy-friendly herbs like lavender, rosemary, chamomile, cinnamon, and peppermint, sweaty feet still won’t end up stinky.

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9. A Heat-Exchanging Face Mask; $38


Breathing in freezing cold air can hurt the lungs and even cause coughing fits. This balaclava doesn’t just keep your head warm; it also has a specially designed heat exchanger that retains heat, ensuring each breath the user takes is warmed before it hits their mouth or nose.

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10. A Forced Air Dryer for Shoes and Gloves; $81


There are few feelings worse than putting on wet, cold boots or gloves before going out into the snow. But this dryer can make that problem a thing of the past. Just set up to four boots, gloves, or even a coat on the tubes and they’ll be dry within a few hours. It’s an especially great gift for people who love skiing but hate going out on a second run after taking a break inside.

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