Can You Spot Rudolph in This Field of Reindeer?

Savoo / Savoo

Rudolph was introduced to pop culture more than a century after Santa's core reindeer were established, and he quickly became the most iconic of the bunch. He's known for standing out, but you may have trouble spotting in him in this hidden image puzzle from Savoo. Challenge yourself to find Rudolph's red nose in less than 30 seconds.

Reindeer hidden image puzzle.
Reindeer hidden image puzzle. /

The discount voucher site Savoo published this visual brain teaser in honor of the holiday season. It features a herd of reindeer scattered around a field of presents and Christmas trees. The animals' noses come in many different colors—including pink, yellow, and blue—but only one sports the shiny red nose made famous by the song and animated special.

Give up? You can find the solution to the puzzle in the image at the end of the article.

If you're looking for an outlet for your holiday excitement (or anxiety), there are plenty of festive hidden image puzzles available online. After searching for Rudolph, see if you can find the stocking in the holiday paraphanelia and the Christmas word in these strings of lights.

Reindeer hidden image puzzle solution.
Reindeer hidden image puzzle solution. /