See How Massive the Pacific Ocean Is in This Eye-Opening Video

Filippos Sdralias, Unsplash
Filippos Sdralias, Unsplash / Filippos Sdralias, Unsplash

Most people who paid attention in geography class know that the Pacific Ocean is located between the Americas and Asia and Oceania. What they may not know—or be able to comprehend—is the sheer size that distance covers. To understand just how massive the Pacific Ocean is, check out the video below.

In this video spotted by Nerdist, the YouTube channel RealLifeLore uses reference points from real life to capture the size of the Earth's largest ocean. At its widest point, the Pacific Ocean stretches almost 19,800 kilometers—or 12,300 miles—across. You could line up five moons within that space.

The 63.8 million-square-mile surface area of the Pacific is just as mind-boggling. RealLifeLore puts that number into perspective by comparing it to other immense spaces we're familiar with. The Pacific Ocean's surface area is greater than that of Mars, and it's big enough to fit all seven continents.

With helpful visuals, RealLifelore's content takes a unique approach to explaining the incomprehensible. To wrap your mind around something even bigger, check out this video from the channel visualizing the size of the universe.

[h/t Nerdist]