Take a Stand for Causes You Support With the Help of Conscious Step Socks

Conscious Step
Conscious Step / Conscious Step
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Most people want to make sure they're making the right choices when it comes to being ethical and sustainable. However, finding the time, funds, and energy to support a cause you care about on a daily basis can be overwhelming. From conserving the rainforest to helping educate children, there are so many issues out there and so little time to support them all. Conscious Step makes it easier with their mindfully sustainable apparel and socks that raise money for a range of causes.

Conscious Step’s sweatshirts and socks, available for both adults and children, are built sturdy and designed with fun patterns based on the causes being supported. For instance, if you are interested in restoring the oceans, Conscious Step partners with Oceana for these shark- ($15), penguin- ($15), and ocean-themed socks ($15)—and for every pair you buy, $1 will be donated to Oceana's cause. There's also an assorted box set of socks decorated with elephants, dogs, and sharks ($45) that helps three different charities, or one with giraffes, cheetahs, and zebras ($45) that aids Conservation International. If you want to get socks every month, Conscious Step also has a subscription service that helps you discover different organizations while staying fashionable.

Conscious Step

Conscious Step’s products are made of certified vegan fair-trade cotton from India that meets the global organic textiles standards. The company is also part of the 1% For the Planet campaign, which means they donate 1 percent of their annual sales to environmental causes.

Discover all the products head over to Conscious Step and learn more about their partners like the Trevor Project, Oxfam International, and Water.org.

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