Step Inside a Van Gogh Painting With a Virtual Reality Tour

Shaunacy Ferro

Virtual reality can put a whole new spin on art appreciation. Named after the painting of the same name, The Night Cafe is an immersive virtual reality experience that takes you into some of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous paintings, allowing you to see what might have been beyond their borders. 

The experience, submitted as part of Oculus’ Mobile VR Jam competition, lets you see the world through van Gogh’s eyes. To recreate what might have existed just off the canvas in van Gogh’s work, New York-based game designer Mac Cauley studied reference material from the artist and other expressionists, and occasionally just used his imagination. 

Even if you don’t have an Oculus, a video tour lets you can examine the sky from Starry Night, the vases of Sunflowers, and the billiards of Night Cafe, inhabiting the saturated colors and dreamy swirls of his art. Go ahead and fall in. 

[h/t: PSFK]