Menswear Dog: Now in Book Form

chloe effron // David Fung & Yena Kim
chloe effron // David Fung & Yena Kim / chloe effron // David Fung & Yena Kim

In 2013, couple David Fung and Yena Kim put a picture of their Shiba Inu, Bodhi, in a cardigan on Facebook. It got such a huge response that they decided to create a Tumblr dedicated to dressing up the dog in high fashion ensembles. 

The resulting blog is a marriage between cute dog pictures and a comprehensive guide to men’s fashion. It became so successful that Fung and Kim are now releasing a book, Menswear Dog Presents: The New Classics. Separated by season, the tome gives helpful advice as to what to wear and when. It also recommends staple pieces and seasonal essentials to help you construct a look with a strong foundation.

“The book is designed to help you build looks from a curated group of classic, essential items rather than buying hundreds of different outfits. All the extra, unworn clutter in your closet is weighing you down," the couple explains in a press release. "The goal is to have a tight, hardworking wardrobe that makes it easy to get dressed.”

The book isn’t just for men. Kim notes that many women can also draw inspiration from the dapper Shiba Inu. As the “boyfriend fit” continues to be a popular style, women are increasingly taking cues from men’s fashion. And of course, who doesn’t love looking at pictures of a cute dog?

Fung and Kim say they draw a lot of their inspiration from where they live in New York City. “All we have to do for inspiration is walk to Soho or the Lower East Side to see people from all walks of life dressed in their own amazingly unique ways,” they say. Failing a trip downtown, the couple also looks to Tumblr for new ideas.

If you’re wondering how they got their dog to obediently wear such complex outfits, the answer is lots of peanut butter. “There’s a lot of goofing around, but while we’ve got a bow tie in one hand, we’ve always got peanut butter in the other, because it’s the secret to making Bodhi focus!” the couple says. “We always keep it fun and light with music playing and plenty of treats.”

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Images From Menswear Dog Presents: The New Classics (Artisan) © 2015. Photos: David Fung and Yena Kim.